Tournament rules

About the match card

Upon completion of matches, the match card has to be handed to the control desk.


Game format is round robin and single elimination.
The tournament adopts THE WORLD mode (5LEG).
Complete all legs in the pair you signed up.

  1. 1.Round limit is 15 for 01 and CRICKET.
  2. 2.Throwing order
    1. Throwing order will be decided by corking.
    2. The coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
    3. The player who throws closer to the center can decide the throwing order.
    4. If the first player's dart hits the exact center of the BULL, the second player is required to acknowledge that the first player's dart is in the center bit of the BULL, and remove the dart and then throw for the cork.
    5. If the winner of the cork cannot be determined after the first throw by both players, then each player shall throw the second dart in the reversed order of throw.
      * All darts thrown shall not be removed from the dartboard until the cork winner is determined.
    6. In the 1st leg, the throwing order will be decided by the winner of the cork.
    7. In the 2nd to 4th leg, the player who lost in the previous leg will throw first.
    8. In the 5th leg (CHOICE), cork will be conducted again and the winner of the cork will decide game to play or throw first.

In case of machine malfunction

  1. 1.If a dart machine incorrectly records the score even when a dart thrown is stuck in the board, "Reverse-A-Round" function will be used to reverse the score and enter thecorrect points by pressing the target segment where the dart is stuck. If a dart thrown does not stick in the board and falls off, dart machine reaction (points) will be considered as a valid score. If a dart thrown does not stick in the board and the machine doesn't react, no point is earned and rethrow is not available for this case.
  2. 2.Please be aware that in case of incorrect scoring, if darts stuck in the board are removed, the round is forwarded to the next player and the opponent throws darts, the score cannot be amended.
  3. 3.To amend an incorrect score, the dart thrown has to remain stuck in the board and mutual consent of players is required. The process has to be conducted before the player change.
  4. 4.Basically, score can not be amended after removal of the dart thrown from the board. However, this principal is not applied when the darts are removed after the agreement of the score amendment by both players.
  5. * The rules above comply with WSDA official rules.

Dress code

  • All players are required to compete in appropriate attire.
  • Team shirts are recommended.
  • All players must present a clean and neat appearance.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
  • No cut-offs or ragged edge hems on any shirts.
  • Shoes must be worn in the tournament venue at all times.
  • No unauthorized use of shirts similar in style to the staff shirts will be allowed on the tournament floor.
Penalty for not obeying the Dress Code
Any player not in proper attire will have the right to one 15-minute grace period to make the necessary change. Thereafter there will be NO grace period and the player will be disqualified from the match.

* For any events not mentioned above, the event organizer has the sole discretion to make any decisions on this tournament.