Tournament Rules

Rules applied to sandbagging

  • If the total added rating after the round robin is significantly higher than the total added rating submitted in the entry application, the tournament operating team will disqualify the team.(The same rule will be applied even if it is unintentional)
  • The detailed DARTSLIVE Tournament criteria to be announced in the venue.

Round limit

10 rounds for 501 games, 15 rounds for 701 and Cricket games.

Throwing order of the game

  • The throwing order will be decided by Corking.
  • The Coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 will be used to decide the player who throws for the Cork first.
  • The player who throws closest to the center of the BULL can choose the throwing order.
  • If the first player's dart hits the center of the BULL, the second player is required to confirm that the first player's dart is in the center of the BULL, remove the dart and then throw for the cork.
  • If the winner of the cork cannot be decided with the first dart, players will be asked to throw another one, starting from the player who lost the coin toss. (in this case, the first dart is left on the board)
  • In the first leg, the throwing order may be decided by the cork winner.
  • In the second to fourth legs, the player who lost in the previous leg will throw first.
  • In the 5th leg (Choice), players throw for the cork again and the winner of the cork can choose either to "throw first" or "select a game".

How to amend incorrect scoring

If a dart machine incorrectly records the score and if a dart thrown is remaining stuck in the board, "Reverse-A-Round" function will be used to reverse the score. Correct points will be entered by pressing the target segment where the dart is stuck. If a dart thrown does not stick in the board and falls off, dart machine reaction (points) will be considered as a valid score.
Please be aware that incorrect score cannot be amended, if darts stuck in the board are removed, the round is forwarded to the next player and the opponent player throws darts.
In case the game has to be suspended and restarted for reasons such as power outage, with mutual consent of players, event staff will restore the game scores and progress. If it is not possible to restore the game, the leg in question will be reset and players will be asked to play a new game.

Round robin ranking criteria

  • Number of wins.
  • If two or more teams are tied with the same number of wins, the head to head record of the two teams will be taken into account. The team that has a win over the other one will move in to the next round.
  • Team are required to play a COUNT UP if teams’ head to head record cannot be decided position. Team with highest score in COUNT UP can progress to next round.

The following logos and names can NOT be displayed under any circumstances.

Names and logos of any dart machine player & manufacturers other than the official dart machine player & manufacturers of this event.
Names and logos of other events such as leagues and tournaments.(The ones sponsoring for this event are exempted from this rule)
Including but not limited to the rights above, DARTSLIVE KOREA OPEN Committee reserves all rights for displaying, publishing and/or printing logos.

Venue rule

  • No drink or alcohol is allowed to bring in venue. Please follow the instruction of the Guard in Entry.
  • Please contact the PLAYER CONTROL as soon as possible if your opponent is absent.
  • Please show your ID card or any identity if there is a need. Player may be disqualified if they cannot do so.
  • Please stay in your match region during the Round Robin.
  • Every player can have 6 darts practice before match start.
  • Please ask for staff’s help if there is an incorrect scoring.
  • Please keep quiet in the venue and turn on the silent mode of your mobile to prevent affecting other player.
  • Please take a care of your personal belonging. Host will not bear the responsibility for any loss.
  • No smoking in the venue.
  • Committee reserves all copyrights for all photo shooting and video recording in during tournament.
  • Committee reserves the right to send off player if player break the rule or affect the progress of tournament.

For any enquires, please contact us

DARTSLIVE OPEN KOREA Committee reserves right to amend the rule without advance notice.

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