About Admission

Admission Fee:JPY1,000 per person (includes a Nippon Darts Festival Card Case)

※One day only/Re-entry available

※Free Admission for those 22 and younger

Purchase the admission ticket at the ticket window (JPY1,000 per person/Nippon Darts Festival Card Case included as a free gift/One day only/Re-entry allowed)

Ticket sale available starting at 9:00 am on the day of the event. Please note that you may not enter the venue before then.

Participants in the tournament programs may enter the venue for free on the program day only (They can enter the venue starting at 7:30 am)

Participants in the tournaments that require the entry on the event day need to complete their entry process at the venue after purchasing the admission ticket.

Those 22 and younger can enter the venue for free (They will not receive free Nippon Darts Festival Card Case). Please bring your ID and present it at admission.


Date Saturday 24 August to Sunday 25 August 2019
Venue Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Hall 2
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
Entry Period Thursday 12 June 2019 Noon to Tuesday 31 July 2019*JST Entry closes when all spots are filled.
Entry Fee JPY 6,500 per player
Free Gift Special item(Not for sale)

Tournament Day

Check-in 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Game On 10:00 AM(Tentative)

Saturday 24 August

Trios Festival

Format Round Robin → SKO
Flight 3 FLIGHTs
Game format
1st LEG Singles 501
2nd LEG Doubles S.CRICKET
3rd LEG Trios 701

*Best of 3LEGs(Team that wins 2LEGs first is the winner)
*Handicap will not be applied for all FLIGHTs.
*Game format will be the same for all 3 FLIGHTs.

End of Reception

Sunday 25 August

Doubles Festival

Format Round Robin → SKO
Flight 10 FLIGHTs
Game format
SA 701-S.CRICKET-701 (01 Master Out)
AAA 701-S.CRICKET-701 (01 Open in/Open out)
A 501-S.CRICKET-501 (01 Open in/Open out)
CC 301-S.CRICKET-301 (01 Open in/Open out)

*For SA FLIGHT, the throwing order of 3rd LEG will be decided by corking.
*Best of 3Legs(Team that wins 2Legs first is the winner)
*Handicap will not be applied for all FLIGHTs.

End of Reception


Important Notice for Entry

  • Players who engage in any of the following acts will be disqualified.
    1. Team that disqualify due to the sandbagging rule for exceeding the pre-registered team rating by more than average of 3.
    2. Actions that obstructs throws of the other team players such as shouting when cheering.
    3. Intentionally delaying the game and engaging in any other acts that are disturbing to the operations of the event.
    4. Committing any acts against public order and morals and/or acts that lack the sense of sportsmanship.
  • Entry for Multiple Tournaments
    Participants of THE WORLD 2019 STAGE 3 JAPAN and U-22 2019 Finals can NOT play in Trios Festival.
  • If you participate in the tournament, please make sure that at least one connected smartphone is available in your team as you will receive announcements on the smartphone during the event.
  • Cancellations of entry will incur the following charges.
    1. By 13 August :20% of entry fee
    2. 14 August or later:100% of entry fee
  • Please contact the event organizer for cancellation.


FLIGHT represents the level of one's darts skills.
The FLIGHT will be determined based on the rating of your registered DARTSLIVE CARD.
There will be 3 FLIGHTs for Trios Festival and 10 FLIGHTs for Doubles Festival. Please check our website for The Entry List and assigned FLIGHT List, the lists will be release on the website after the entries close.


Please check-in at the entrance in the venue using the registered DARTSLIVE CARD on the day of the tournament.
Please be sure to bring your registered DARTSLIVE CARD.

If you forget to bring your DARTSLIVE CARD, please go to the information in the venue. Our staff will assist you in taking the necessary steps including your card data transfer. Transferring your data into another DARTSLIVE CARD will require a long time, please note that this may result to cancel the participation in the event you are registered.

Round Robin

Round Robin is a tournament which 4 to 5 teams in the bloc play against all other teams in the same bloc.
Top 2 teams of each Round Robin will advance to the Finals.
Please check the DARTSLIVE member page for the machine (board) number of your Round Robin.

Tournament Rules

  • DARTSLIVE2 is used as the official darts machine for this tournament.
    *Please note that for some matches (such as the FINAL Match), DARTSLIVE3 may be used instead of DARTSLIVE2.
  • Throwing orders can not be changed during games for both Doubles Festival and Trios Festival.
  • Each player gets 2 practice throws before the game.
  • Only plastic tips are allowed during the entire tournament.
  • If a player wishes to throw from a position outside the throw line, they must stay behind the extended throw line.
  • No throws will be acknowledged if a player’s front foot crosses the throw line.
  • If a player has a medical needs to utilize any assistive devices, such devices should not cross the throw line.
  • Players must use the DARTSLIVE CARD during the game.
  • In case the game is interrupted such as by a power failure, the machine should be restored to the last known point, restoring the match. If the restoration is not possible, the LEG will be replayed.
  • Throwing order will be decided by the coin toss function. The loser of the previous LEG throws first in the 2nd LEG. The coin toss function will be use to decide the throwing order of the 3rd LEG.
    *For Doubles Festival SA FLIGHT, the throwing order will be decided by corking. The coin toss function will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
  • For 01 games, if both teams cannot finish the game within the round limit, the game will be a tie game and the winner will be decided by corking. The first thrower of the LEG will throw the cork first.
  • For CRICKET, if the scores are tied at the final round, the winner will be decided by corking. The first thrower of the LEG will throw the cork first.
  • Round Limits 301 10 Rounds
    501 15 Rounds
    701 15 Rounds
    S.CRICKET 15 Rounds


Sandbagging rules are applied to this tournament.
Players whose tournament stats considerably exceed their pre-registered stats or the standard defined by each tournament may become subject to disqualification in accordance with the Sandbagging rules.
A team will be disqualified if the DARTSLIVE CARD team rating exceeds the pre-registered rating by more than average of 3. When a team disqualify, the team ranked below the disqualified team will advance to the Finals.



"This App provides tournament progress and results as well as your strength.
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For DARTSLIVE tournament entry and participation,
the latest version of DARTSLIVE SPORTS App is ruquired.


The app will guide you through the tournament

The App notifies you when and where the next match will take place by push notifications and alerts within the App.

The app will guide you through the tournament

Real-time match progress and results

Real-time match progress and results

With this App, you can check real-time math results as the app is linked to the darts boards used for Nippon Darts Festival 2019!

Discover your real strength based on only the results of official matches

The App shows your “Real Strength” based solely on the tournament results.
Check "SPORTS Rating" that shows player's true ability during matches reflecting only the results of the tournament and league match and player tendency.

Discover your real strength based on only the results of official matches


Your Possessions

Please keep cash, valuables and precious items with you at all times. The event organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
There will be no space to place your luggage in the venue. Please drop off your luggage at the cloakroom/ coat check.
Our venue offers a cloakroom facility where you can leave your possessions for safe keeping.(JPY1,000 per bag/You can check your possesions in and out as often as you please.)

Food and Beverages

No outside food or beverages are allowed in the venue. Concessions are available at the event offering food and beverages, including alcohol.
If a driver is reported as drinking alcohol, or a player under 20 is reported as drinking alcohol or smoking, they will be disqualified from the tournament. In such a case, the legal guardian and players who encouraged the behavior will also be disqualified.

Pictures and Video Images

Players participating in this event grant absolute rights to the organizer to make use of pictures and video images filmed during the event for advertising and commercial purposes without limitations of time, place and/or method.
Taking pictures is permitted during the tournament. However, when the use of flash, pictures, or videos obstructs the game and are taken for commercial purposes, they will be confiscated and publishing will be prohibited by the event organizer.


The event organizer reserves the right to refuse or remove any players from participating in the tournament who are found to be an impediment to the event or event progress.or event progress from participating in the tournament.
By competing in this tournament players agree to these terms and conditions.

Lost and Found

If you have lost a personal item while visiting the venue, please contact the support center.