DARTSLIVE CUP 2019 - How to Qualify


DARTSLIVE CUP 2019 – Singapore

Now that you’re caught up on the new and upcoming DARTSLIVE CUP, let’s delve into a little more of the finer details – Registering and Qualifying!

When is the qualifying period, and what exactly do you need to do during this time? Take a look below for a quick read into this exciting new tournament!


How to Register

  1. Head over to the official DARTSLIVE CUP site (available soon!).
  2. Register your details
  3. Create your account, obtain your Qualifying Slot (QS) ID and make payment

That’s it! With a registered DARTSLIVE CUP account and your new QS ID, you’re ready to start playing with your other registered friends in this tournament and climb those ranks!

How to Qualify:

Players can refer to the chart below as a quick summary on the Qualification process*.

*Note that all Players who fall under the Local / International / Mixed Classifications must play a minimum of 4 QS games to qualify for the Semi Finals and/or DESPERADO game.


Qualifying Period: 8 October – 15 November 2019

We hope that gives you a better idea of the upcoming DARTSLIVE CUP 2019 SINGAPORE! You will be able to track your Rankings, view your live scores and review the tournament over at the official DARTSLIVE CUP website, available soon!

If you’re confused about what DARTSLIVE CUP is all about, read the other introduction articles here!

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