CC1K & CC2K GRAND FINAL - Schedule Change and Stage Details

CC1K and CC2K 2019 GRAND FINAL will be taking place on 14 & 15 March 2020!  Congratulations to all Qualifiers into the Grand Finals!

Invitation list is now available on official website
Please refer to the qualifying list and confirm your attendance on:
Attendance confirmation will close on 11 March 2020, 6pm.


Venue: Forest 3

Date: 7 Mar 2020 14 Mar 2020
*Check In (Annual 5th – 20th): 12:30pm – 1:30pm

**Check In (Annual Top 4): 1:30pm – 2:30pm

  • Annual Ranking 5th – 20th players must complete a game of COUNT UP MEDLEY for seeding, otherwise will not be able to play in CC1K.
  • The players from the qualifier round will then draw their opponents for their quarter-final matches in the GRAND FINAL.
  • Players will be seeded in the SKO bracket according to their CU Medley score.
    • For tie-breaker, we will refer to COUNT-UP score, followed by COUNT-UP + CRICKET COUNT-UP scores.

**Annual Top 4 players will be seeded in the final round of the GRAND FINAL.
5th-20th player will play in qualifier round SKO bracket to top 4.

14-Dart Out Bonus**: SGD 100 Cash
(Limit to 2 sets of prize)

Game format:
 701 – S.CRI – S.CRI – 701 – CHOICE
01 Rule: Open in / Master out
Alternate Start


Venue: Good Cheer 2

Date: 8 Mar 2020 15 Mar 2020
Check In: 12:30pm
Game On: 1:30pm

Game format:

Annual Ranking Top 32 players from CC2K and Top 16 from CC2K LADIES will be invited to play in the GRAND FINAL.


GRAND FINAL – Qualifying Round

  • Players will be paired randomly to play 3 games of COUNT-UP MEDLEY.
  • Score of all 3 games will total up, top 8 players in the divisions will progress to the Final Round of the GRAND FINAL.

​GRAND FINAL – Final Round

  • Players will play 2 games of COUNT-UP MEDLEY with random finalists
  • Score of 2 games will be added up to determine the final ranking.

Both division BEST DPS will be awarded to the player with the highest COUNT-UP MEDLEY score achieved during the tournament.
> Special Award Board

Click here for the prize table

Remember to refer to the grand final invitation list on and confirm your attendance on:
Please feel free to email for any enquiries.

See you and all the best!

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