Jacques Labre is the champion of FRANCE DARTS INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017, which was held in June 2017.

If excluding Keita Ono, who secured his spot by becoming the CHAMPION of SUPER DARTS 2017, Jacques actually is the first player who got into SUPER DARTS 2018.

He has 17 years’ of experience in darts and 11 years’ is in soft darts. We seldom see him in international tournaments, but he became the champion of France SINGLE and DOUBLES tournaments for 3 times in recent years. No doubt that Jacques is a talented player, but is that all he has or it's just part of his power?

Maybe he will become the dark horse in SUPER DARTS 2018? Let’s find out in March!

Fully confident to stand on his dream stage


“At the end of SUPER DARTS 2017, they announced that the champion of France will be able to participate in SUPER DARTS 2018.

I still can clearly remember how excited I was when I heard the news! Starting from that day, my only target was to be on that stage.

I kept practicing hard and finally I beat down everyone and became the champion of FRANCE DARTS INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017.

But that's not the most excited part yet, I was overjoyed that I made my dream come true! Which is my participation in SUPER DARTS 2018!”

Jacques’s face was all smiles when he shared his story. He surely is full of confidence and ready for SUPER DARTS.

“All of my opponents in SUPER DARTS are the best of the best around the world. I am not sure if I can make it to the final but I have confidence to keep winning the matches one by one. I will strengthen my practice in order to win as many matches as I can.”

SUPER DARTS-The fight for the nation's pride


He will be fighting for his nation in SUPER DARTS. “SUPER DARTS is a tournament which gathers all TOP players around the world. I want to let everyone know that darts is also huge in France and there are many outstanding players in my country. Of course I want to pass this message to all the French darts players too!”

One of Jacques’s goals is to motivate darts players in France by showing him play successfully in overseas tournament. “I think not many darts players in France have heard about my name. I believe there are a lot of players who have given up their dreams because they think it is impossible to be active internationally. I hope my performance in SUPER DARTS can prove them that they were wrong, any dreams can come true. Therefore, I will fight hard in SUPER DARTS as a France representative.”

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