First fan vote to decide participating players

This tournament marked its 10th year in 2017. Fans across the world voted and chose the 12 participants.
All the players possess strength, class and popularity.
These popular players enhanced the gorgeous stage.
The winner was Keita Ono.
He entertained the audience with his outstanding performance especially in the final match.


World champions gathered in SUPER DARTS

SUPER DARTS was held for the first time in 2 years.
Many winners from various world tournaments gathered in Japan.
The winner of the darts tournament was Paul Lim. With 30-plus-year experience, Lim added a new title to his record.


SUPER DARTS went global from Japan

SUPER DARTS in Japan became a global tournament Leading players of the world participated in the tournament.
Scott Kirchner of the US became the champion of this tournament that also had PDC players, the leading players of steel-tip darts.


Battle over the supreme title

SUPER DARTS invited 16 players including 2010 DARTSLIVE PRO, DARTSLIVE AREA PRO and special guest players. Each player competed under enormous pressure as the title holder of their own tournament.
Morihiro Hashimoto defeated all other players and became the champion.


Intense competitions suited for Japan’s strongest players

SUPER DARTS evolved. Competition among top players of 4 tournaments: SOFT DARTS JAPAN TOURNAMENT'09, DARTSLIVE ARENA Championship, GOOD DARTS INVITATIONAL and Invitational Qualifier. Sho Katsumi shined as Japan’s strongest player winning the competitive matches to be named "KING OF KINGS".


The Dream Stage that made Japanese fans go crazy

This 3rd SUPER DARTS had 8 players who survived matches among players from 1300 plus shops in Japan. Takehiro Suzuki was among the 8 having played only 1 year and 7 months experience with the game. He continued to show an amazing performance after the selection. The winner was Mitsumasa Hoshino who is the only player that achieved 2 consecutive winnings in the history of SUPER DARTS.


The moment of thrill and excitement is back

One of Japan’s largest tournaments is back again.
After having participated in qualifiers across Japan for over 7 months, 8 players were selected and competed in SUPER DARTS.
Some matches were close, some were sweeping victories and some were upsetting victories.
The tournament was full of excitement and surprises. Mitsumasa Hoshino became the top player in Japan.


A new style of darts entertainment

SUPER DARTS was created under the concept of “Spectator Darts”.
This was the final tournament of DARTSLIVE JAPAN TOURNAMENT' 06-07 that had about 20,000 participants.
The thrilling performances created enormous interest in Japan’s darts industry. The champion of this tournament was Yuji Eguchi who since his victory was called as Mr. SUPER DARTS.


Mar 15 - 16, 2018 Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA