Alex Reyes performed outstandingly against tough players in THE WORLD. He was ranked third in the 2017 season and earned his spot in SUPER DARTS 2018 despite his merely 7 years of darts experience. Reyes is now considered as one of the US star players. Fans are eager to see his performance in his first SUPER DARTS.

To be a great role model for kids


Leonard Gates who is also a leading player of THE WORLD introduced soft-tip darts to Reyes.

“Gates invited me to join the league. That's how I started playing darts and also joined the tours. He is a great friend and tough rival. First, I practiced hard as I really wanted to play like him.”

Now darts became a major part of his life. He continued, “I want to be a good role model for children so that they can come to me to learn darts. Through my participation in SUPER DARTS, I have moved one step closer to my dream and goal.”

Daily practice is the secret of his overwhelming strength


“I am so honored to be able to play in SUPER DARTS. I am very happy as it was one of my biggest goals for this year. Devoting myself into my everyday practice let me come this far. So it is very important for me to practice every day. Not only skill and technique, I am trying to strengthen my focus and concentration.

Reyes' devotion to practice is very well known. He practices the most time alone.

“Mostly I practice alone to strengthen my focus and concentration. I set different goals every day and try to achieve the goal. For example, I try to hit as many triples as possible within a certain time. Of course, I am practicing for SUPER DARTS lately. I want to be much better to show everyone wonderful matches. I also want to play my 100% and win the tournament.”

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Mar 15 - 16, 2018 Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA