Paul Lim is well known as“The Legend” among soft-tip darts fans and players. The 64-year old charismatic player has 37 years of darts career. He conquered SUPER DARTS in 2015, and he was ranked No.1 in THE WORLD 2016 and 2017. Paul Lim is still unstoppable and he will be in SUPER DARTS 2018. Lim is ready to make another history with his refined techniques.

Devotion is the key


“You have to devote yourself to be an excellent player.” Lim who sacrificed his time to be with his family and devoted himself to his darts career told other players about the secrets to stay on top.

“I always practice my routine. I face the dartboard at least for one hour every morning and night. It is necessary not only for darts players but for all professional players such as golfers and basketball players. It is unthinkable to me not to practice darts when I get some free time. It is important how much passion you can put into. If you want to be better, just keep throwing darts. It makes all the difference whether a player can be better or not.”

Although Lim achieved the top status as a darts player, he has never become arrogant and keeps practicing. Lim pays attentions not only to his skill improvement but also his physical improvements. “When people age, whether you like it or not, you lose stamina. So I watch my diet and try to exercise more. I even try to get a good sleep. Especially, other players in SUPER DARTS are much younger than me. I need enough stamina to compete against those players. I want to face them in my optimal condition.”

Staying on top for the fans


“As I always say, it is more difficult to stay as a champion than becoming one in any sports.”

Lim was aiming to defend his champion title in SUPER DARTS 2017, but he was defeated by Keita Ono in the second round. The disappointment was unforgettable to Lim.

“Why did I lose in that match? What should I have done at the time? Now, I have the answers. If I face Keita Ono again in the next SUPER DARTS, I would be able to beat him. Moreover, I can beat any players. In fact, if I have an opponent whom I can’t beat, I wouldn’t be able to be the champion.” He smiles and continues to talk about his participation in the next SUPER DARTS.

Lim needs to win for his fans

“I always play my best to get the top position all the time not to disappoint my fans. I don’t want to destroy my image that fans have. Therefore, I need to stay on top. If I show any disappointing performance, everybody will forget about me. It is like an actor who is not on TV. I don’t want to be like that. I will be at the top of the world again in SUPER DARTS to prove myself.”

  • SUPER DARTS 2017 Ranking


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