Shuichi Enokuma is the best player in the rankings of JAPAN 2017 in both the RED SEASON and entire season. He also became MVP of SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2017. If Enokuma hadn’t been in the team, Japan wouldn’t have won the tournament. For Enokuma, 2017 was an exceptionally great year. He is the best rising player in Japan now. “I am less known outside Japan. I will play my best in SUPER DARTS 2018 to get my name known among more people.” Enokuma expressed his enthusiasm for SUPER DARTS.

No.1 should be unbeatable


“I played my best in each match and the efforts produced me exceptional results. I did surprisingly well last year. I have gained valuable experience for my future darts career. Everything felt like a dream. Especially when I was on the stage of the WORLD CUP, it was surreal. That actually help me not to feel pressured at all and I could focus on my matches. I guess it would be the same in upcoming SUPER DARTS.”

Looking back his amazing 2017 season, Enokuma said that the fact he is the best in the 2017 season hasn’t sunk in yet. “To me, No.1 means a player no one can beat. Although I was ranked No.1, I still lose to other players. So it doesn’t feel real yet. Actually I have never won to some JAPAN PRO players in the past year. It would feel real for the first time when I beat all them and become the true No. 1 in Japan.”

Hoping to emerge as a dark horse


“I am so happy to play in SUPER DARTS, but I am afraid at the same time to be in the highly competitive stage. It is not only me but I have to show a good result as a representing player of JAPAN. Not to yield to the pressure, I practice every day with SUPER DARTS in my mind.” Enokuma emphasizes to strengthen psychological aspect rather than technique. Of course, he is aiming to be the champion. “To me, darts is a challenge. I want to enjoy taking on my hardest challenge, SUPER DARTS, to the fullest. Of course, I want to be the champion of the tournament that has the toughest players of the world. I am the first timer of the tournament but I want to emerge as the winner. I want to be a dark horse player in the world's toughest stage. Please continue to believe in me.”

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