From Apr 2, 2019New login method began!

16-digit Card ID 4-digit PIN → DARTSLIVE Account E-mail address PasswordFirst login after Apr 2
Please change to
DARTSLIVE account!

With new login method...

Login will be easier!
Login will be easier!
You can access all DARTSLIVE services with your email address.
Easier purchase of Coins and THEMEs!
Easier purchase of Coins and THEMEs!
Now no email address and password (User Identification Information) is required for your purchase.

No change on membership fee payment!

After changing to the new login method, your membership payment information will be moved to your new account automatically.

Before Apr 2 

Before Apr 2

The card you used to sign up your PREMIUM membership(A) had 2 other cards :(B)and (C).

Starting Apr 2 DARTSLIVE Account

Starting Apr 2 DARTSLIVE Account

Your payment information goes to your DARTSLIVE account which can accept 3 Cards:(A),(B) and(C).

What is the DARTSLIVE account?
It is required to use DARTSLIVE services. In the account, you can manage your subscription, Coins, and the Cards registered to the account. To open the acount, you need an email address and password.

No change in Card Information!

You can enjoy your Card Information such as Play Data,
Friends and THEMEs as before.

No change in Card Information!

Great benefits after account migration!

Free Trial Member
Standard Member

Free Trial Member Standard Member/30 more days to your trial period!

30 more days to your trial period!

Outline of DARTSLIVE account migration

Starting date
Tue Apr 2, 2019
Users who need this process
Users who signed up to the DARTSLIVE service before Apr 1, 2019
Services that will change
All services which you have accessed to date with your DARTSLIVE CARD ID and PIN
  • ・Web card page
  • ・New DARTSLIVE App (with black icon)
  • ・Feature phone users

About the old "DARTSLIVE" App

About the old 'DARTSLIVE' App

As of Mon Apr 1, 2019, this DARTSLIVE App became unavailable. You can no longer download this app from the App Store.

Migration Process Q&A

Can I use my card ID and PIN to login after account migration?
After changing to the new login method, you can no longer login with your card ID.
What will happen if I don't change to the new login method?
You can no longer access DARTSLIVE member services, such as card page and account settings page.
What will happen to my registered cards?
Your registered cards go to your new account. Your play data will not be affected. The email address registered to your cards will be the one registered to your DARTSLIVE account.
I forgot my password for personal identification information.
Reset the password from "Forgot password".

Login Q&A

This e-mail address is not associated with the DARTSLIVE account.” appears.
A wrong email address was entered or migration process was not completed. If you completed your migration process and still see this message, visit ”Forgot email address
“Wrong password” appears
Please reset password from “Forgot password” under the password field.
I registered an e-mail address that I no longer use, and I forgot my password.
Contact us for help
Forgot your e-mail address and password
Contact us for help