Decorate 3D darts with customization! FUN DARTS

What is FUN DARTS?

FUN DARTS are customizable 3D darts that are displayed in LIVE EFFECTS, the digital contents used on DARTSLIVE3.
They add a touch of humor by turning your darts into roses, skewered chicken and more. This is perfect for players looking to add a little fun to their games!

FUN DARTS are also available exclusively during events and campaigns.
Stay tuned to the official website and social media to make sure you don’t miss any news!

Some FUN DARTS are copyable

Please check whether your FUN DARTS are copyable in the DARTSLIVE App customization settings.
If the copy icon is displayed in the top right-hand corner, your FUN DARTS can be copied by another player when you play with them on a DARTSLIVE3.

Copying FUN DARTS from a player who has obtained the FUN DARTS by copying from a different player is not possible.

Setting up FUN DARTS

  • STEP 1:Click on FUN DARTS in the Customize tab of the DARTSLIVE App.
  • STEP 2:Choose your favorite FUN DARTS from the list.

    And there you have it.
    Add some fun to your games with your favorite FUN DARTS!

Find the FUN DARTS you want with the FUN DARTS Search!

FUN DARTS Search lets you see whether players with the FUN DARTS you’re looking for have played in your HOME SHOP or in a DARTSLIVE location where you’ve played recently.

How to set up

  • STEP 1:Search for FUN DARTS in the Customize list in the DARTSLIVE App.
  • STEP 2:Mark the FUN DARTS you’re looking for with a ★.
  • STEP 3:If players with these FUN DARTS are playing in your HOME SHOP or one of the last 10 locations you have played in, you can view the names of these players and their FUN DARTS.
Premium/Premium+ Plan subscribers:
You can now search in your HOME SHOP.
Premium+ Plan subscribers ONLY:
You can now search your HOME SHOP and the last 10 locations you played at.

Exclusive to Japan! Local FUN DARTS

Local FUN DARTS that is available only in each prefecture in Japan.

If you’re traveling and have half an hour to spare, drop by and play at a DARTSLIVE3 location!
You can take home some FUN DARTS for your darts friends as a souvenir!

How to get Local FUN DARTS:

Condition 1

Go to a DARTSLIVE3 location facility in each prefecture!

Condition 2

Play 3 times on a DARTSLIVE3 (Free/Premium Plan subscribers).
Play 1 time on a DARTSLIVE3 (Premium+ Plan subscribers).

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