Game Rules

With its simple rules,
COUNT-UP is a great game
for beginners to enjoy.
101 for COUNT UP! What kind of the game is it?? 101 for COUNT UP! What kind of the game is it??

Starting from 0, players hit numbers and add the points.
Three throws are counted as one round, and players compete for the highest score in a total of 8 rounds.
Senior Senior

COUNT-UP is perfect for solo practice!
The game is simple, just add the points from 24 throws.

Where are you at? Point Rankings Where are you at? Point Rankings

You can find out your darts level by looking at your COUNT-UP score.
World class
professional level!
or more
Almost a pro
or more
Instructor level
or more
Starting to get hooked
or more
First-time darter
or less
Senior Senior

Try to score 400 points the first time!

Summary Summary
  • Starting from 0 points, the player who earns the highest score wins.
  • Compete with the scores from 8 rounds, 3 throws per round.
Aim at the Bull!
Aim at the Bull!
The Bull has a larger area than a triple or a double. Thus, it's easier to hit the Bull.
Aim at the 19-7-16 area!
Aim at the 19-7-16 area!
If it's difficult to hit the Bull, try the 19-7-16 area.
Even if you miss the Bull and a triple, the numbers there will still let you earn a high score.
Lower the score to exactly 0.
A strategic game to
claim the power spots.