About the dartboard

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Improved Noise Reduction and Easy to stick segments


Quiet enough for home use. DARTSLIVE-200S is quieter than its predecessor DARTSLIVE-100S.

Taking the already easy to stick segments of the DARTSLIVE-100S, we have also improved the outer segments.

The best dart machine, DARTSLIVE2, is now the best home board.


At 15.5 inches, the DARTSLIVE-200S is the same size as the DARTSLIVE 2 machine. Enjoy playing darts at home like you were at a darts shop.



  • Size: 57.06cm x 53.00cm x 4.15cm
  • Weight: 8.11 lbs (3.68kg)
    • / User manual ・Warranty card・Installation guide sheet / Soft-tip darts pack×2 / Screws / USB cable
    • ※For ages 16+




  • iOS
    ・iPhone X or later (iOS 13 or later)
    ・iPad Pro 2018 or later, iPad Air (3rd Generation) or later, iPad mini (5th Generation) or later (Devices with iPadOS 13 or later)
  • Android
    ・Devices with Android OS 9 or later
    ・4GB or more of main memory
    ・Devices with high speed processor (Evaluation unit: Galaxy S9)
    ・Devices with Bluetooth 3.0 or later supporting HID Profile

※The devices above are recommended but do not always guarantee a smooth operation.

  • App Store
  • GooglePlay

※Not all devices are supported.


200S App
(not enabled with
Online Match)


System Requirements

  • iOS: iPhone and iPad with OS 7 or later
  • Android: Device with Android 4.0 or later that supports the Bluetooth HID profile 3.0 or later
  • ※Incompatible: Android devices with MT8125 (MTK8125) or MT8121 (MTK8121)
    [e.g.]Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F、Lavie PC-TE510S1
  • App Store
  • GooglePlay
  • ※The Virtual Rating System is exclusive with DARTSLIVE-200S Home Dartboard. Data from DARTSLIVE IC cards are not compatible with the DARTSLIVE-200S Home Dartboard. Data from the DARTSLIVE-200S cannot be exported for use on DARTSLIVE2 machines.
  • ※Release date is subject to change depending on the production conditions.