Round Robin

The ranking for the Round Robin blocs will be determined according to the following rules.

  • 1. Number of winnings (Number of MATCHES won)
  • 2. Number of LEGS won
  • 3. Number of LEGS lost
  • 4. The result of the direct confrontation of the teams
  • * If three or more teams are tied on (1)-(4), each team will play a COUNT-UP. The winner of the COUNT-UP will proceed to the SKO.


  • All tournaments will be notified through DARTSLIVE SPORTS APP.
  • DARTSLIVE SPORTS APP must be used during tournaments, please install it in advance.
  • In addition, please make sure your device is able to connect to the internet when participating in any tournament and ON the APP Notificiation.


  • DARTSLIVE Application for iPhone is downloaded.
  • DARTSLIVE Application for Android is downloaded.


  • 1.Round limit
    • 501: 15 Rounds
    • 701: 15 Rounds
    • Cricket: 15 Rounds
  • 2.Throwing order of the game
    • Throwing order of the 1st LEG will be decided by corking.
    • The coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 and DARTSLIVE3 will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
    • The player who throws closer to the center of the BULL can decide the throwing order.
    • If the first player's dart hits the exact center of the BULL, the second player is required to verify the location, remove the first player's dart, then throw the cork.
    • From the second LEG, except if notified otherwise in the game format, the player who lost in the previous LEG will throw first.
    • For the Final leg, players will throw for the cork again. The winner of the cork may either choose the throw order or choose the type of game. If the final LEG is designated, the winner of the cork can choose the throwing order.
    • This event stipulates that the maximum time limit for darts being thrown is within 30 seconds. If a player repeatedly makes the throw beyond the time limit; and refuses to correct one’s mistake after repeating warnings, DARTSLIVE reserves the right to judge the player for violation, with disciplinary action including skipping his/her round or directly announcing the opponent wins the LEG/MATCH.

Sandbagging and walkover

  1. For SINGLES tournaments, RATING reflected by the average STATS within the tournament exceed 3 or more RATINGs by the highest RATING of designated FLIGHT, the player would be considered as BUST and will be disqualified.
  2. For DOUBLES tournaments, RATING reflected by the average STATS within the tournament exceed 5 or more RATINGs by the highest RATING of designated FLIGHT, the team would be considered as BUST and will be disqualified.
  3. Sandbagging rule applies to both pretournament Round Robin and SKO.
  4. The tournament is stictly run by time. If the player does not show up within 10 minutes, player will be disqualified. 2:0 will be resulted.

Amendment of incorrect scoring

  1. If a darts machine records the score incorrectly and the darts remain stuck to the board, as agreed by both parties, the correct score can be entered manually. You may ask for a referee for assistance if needed.
  2. If darts stucked to the board are removed, the round is forwarded to the next player and the player has already thrown the darts, incorrect scores cannot be amended
  3. In case the game is interrupted such as by a power failure, a referee will restore the last game with the agreement of both parties. If the restoration is not possible, the LEG will be reset, and players will be asked to start over.

Dress code

  • All players are required to compete in an appropriate attire.
  • All players must present a clean and neat appearance.
  • No shorts or bermuda shorts allowed for men.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
  • No headwear and earphone is allowed.
  • No cut-offs or ragged edge hems on any shirts.
  • Shoes(sneakers or leather shoes) must be worn in the tournament venue at all times.
  • No unauthorized use of shirts similar in style to the staff shirts will be allowed on the tournament floor.
  • Names and logos of any dart machine and dart board manufacturers other than the official dart machine manufacturers shown on the outfits must be covered up by the colored tape. Outfit including uniforms, armbands and supporters.

Penalty for not obeying the Dress Code

  • Any player not in a proper attire will have the right to take one 15 minutes grace period to make the necessary change. Thereafter there will be NO grace period and the player will be disqualified from the MATCH.
* No outside food or drinks allowed in the venue.
* For any events not mentioned above, the event organizer has the sole discretion to make any decisions on this tournament.
* For any rule not mentioned above, this tournament adopts the WSDA Rules.