Entry method

  1. 1.Press the entry button and go to Entry Form.
  2. 2.Enter the required information and submit the Entry Form.
    *Players submit their own Entry Form and pay their own Entry Fee. This applies to all players including Doubles participants.
    (For Doubles participants, please write your partner name on the Entry Form.)
  3. 3.After the submission of the entry form, you will receive instructions in an email. Please follow the step described in the email and pay the entry fee.
    <Non-Korean players>
    Please pay the entry fee by the due date via Paypal.
    *It may take several days to obtain Paypal account.

    <Korean players>
    Please pay entry fee by the due date by bank transfer.
    ※농협 302-2330-0299-51 손경구
    *Advance payment only. You can’t pay the entry fee at the venue.
  4. 4.After receiving your entry fee, we will send an email to confirm your entry. The entry process will be completed at this point.

Entry period

Tue 17 Dec, 2019 to Sun 2 Feb, 2020

*When all the spots are filled, we will close the entry without any prior notice.

Entry fee

Sat 15 Feb, 2020 10:00 MEDLEY SINGLES OPEN: USD 55
A: USD 35
B: USD 35
C: USD 35
15:30 01 DOUBLES USD 16 (per player)
15:30 SUPER CRICKET DOUBLES USD 35(per player)
*USD 8 discount on your total entry fees if you sign up for both Singles and Doubles on Day 1.
Sun 16 Feb, 2020 10:00 MEDLEY DOUBLES USD 45(per player)
15:30 BLIND DOUBLES KRW 10,000 Pay Onsite

*If a reported rating of the DARTSLIVE CARD is not correct, the event organizer may change the assigned flight of the player.

*Players who conducted any dishonest act will be disqualified. The entry fees are not refundable.

*Please note that entry fees are not refundable.

*We will start accepting entries for BLIND DOUBLES after the round robin for MEDLEY DOUBLES on the event day.

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