Round Robin

The ranking for the Round Robin blocs will be determined according to the following rules

  • 1. Number of winnings(Number of MATCHES won)
  • 2. Number of LEGs won
  • 3. Number of LEGs lost
  • 4. Result of the direct confrontation of the teams.
  • * IF three or more teams are tied on (1)~(4), each player(team) will playe a COUNT-UP. The wiinner of the COUNT-UP will proceed to the SKO.

Match card

  1. 1.Please make sure to fill in the stats and results of each LEG of the Pre-tournament Round Robin on the match card.
    * If the stats are not recorded, the player may be disqualified.
  2. 2.Upon completion of a MATCH, the match card has to be handed to the control desk.


  • 1.Round Limit
    • 301/501: 10 Rounds
    • 701/Cricket: 15 Rounds
    • "FAT BULL" applies to all 01 games.
  • 2.Throwing order of the game
    • Thowing order of the 1st LEG will be decidede by corking(or diddle)
    • The coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
    • The player who throws closer toe the center of the BULL can decide the throwing order.
    • If the player's darts hits the exact center of the BULL, the second player is required to verify the location, remove the first player's darts, then throw the cork.
    • Thw winner of the cork can decide the throwing order of the 1st LEG.
    • From the second LEG, except if notified otherwise in the game format, the player who lost in the previous LEG will throw first.
    • For the final leg, players will throw for the cork again. The winner fo the cord may either choose the throw order or choose the type of game. If the final LEG is designated, the winner of the cork can choose the throwing order.
    • If the winner of the cork cannot be determined after the first throw by both players, then each player shall throw the second dart in the reversed order of throw.
      *All darts thrown shall not be removed from the dartboard.
  • 3.When the winner can’t be determined within the round limit
    • 501 / 701 : The team with lower points wins. If both teams have the same points, the winner will be decided by cork.
    • CRICKET : The team with higher points wins. If both teams have the same points, the winner will be decided by cork.


  1. Players whose tournaments stats considerably exceed their pre-registered stats or the standard defined by each tournament may become subject to disqualification in accordance with the tournament rules.
  2. Sangbagging rule applies to only pre-tournament Round Robin.
  3. Players are required to fill STATS of each LEG in the match card.

Amending of incorrect scoring

  1. 1.If a darts machine records of the score incorrectly and the darts remain stuck to the board, a referee should be called and the "Reverse A Round" funtion will be used to reverse the score. The correct score wll be entered by the referee by pressing the target segment where the dart is stuck. No player should use this funtion but a referee. If the amendment of the score was agreed upon by both parties, then the game can be proceeded by the player themselves.
  2. 2.Incorrect scores cannot be amended, if darts stucked to the board are removed, the round is forwarded to the next player and the player ha already thrown the darts.
  3. 3.In case the game is interrupted such as by a power failure, a referee will restore the last game with the agreement of both teams. If the restoration is not possible, the LEG will be reset, and players will be asked to start over.

Other rules

  1. 1.Do not bring any food and beverage into the venue.
  2. 2.Please inform staff at the control desk if your opponent doesn't show up at the machine area in time.
  3. 3.For smoother event progress, players try not to be away from their dart machine more than 5 min.
  4. 4.Players will be allowed for 2 throws (6 darts) before the match as practice throw.
  5. 5.During the tournament, please pay attention to announcements from the control desk.
  6. 6.Do not behave in any manner that may disrupt or interrupt any of the matches(e.g. entering players' field of vision intentionally during their throw)
  7. 7.Not to disrupt matches, please turn your phone to silent mode during the tournament.
  8. 8.Do not engage in any act that may disrupt or interrupt any of the matches such as ranting loudly.
  9. 9.You must show your ID such as your passport if requested by event staff. You may not be able to participate in the event if it is not shown.
  10. 10.Smoking is prohibited in the venue. For smoking, please use designated outdoor areas.
  11. 11.At the venue, deposit litter in a receptacle provided for that purpose.
  12. 12.Please take your valuables with you. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
  13. 13.DARTSLIVE KOREA reserves the right to use pictures, movies and any other audiovisual items of the event for promotion purposes such as ads.
  14. 14.DARTSLIVE KOREA has the right to remove or refuse any players who are found to be impediments to the event or event progress from participating in the tournament.
  15. For any rule not mentioned above, this tournament adopts the WSDA rules.