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To enjoy darts and the app
to the fullest, you need

  • Save your data Save your data
  • Online match with players across the world Online match with players across the world
  • Customization Customization

If you don’t have a DARTSLIVE card Create an account on the app

  • STEP 1 Download the DARTSLIVE app

  • STEP 2 Select "Create Account"

  • STEP 3 On the account creation page,
    choose "I don't have a card."

    If you have a DARTSLIVE Card, select "I have a card.",
    and add the card on the account settings page after creating your account.

  • STEP 4 A Virtual DARTSLIVE Card


To log in to a darts machine
using a QR code
Log in to a darts machine
with a virtual card!

  • STEP 1 Start camera
    with the button
    on the dashboard
    on the DARTSLIVE app.

  • STEP 2 Show QR code
    on the darts machine.

    1 Press the red "QR LOGIN" button.
    Press the red 'QR LOGIN' button.
    2 Press the yellow P1 "LOGIN" button.
    Press the yellow P1 'LOGIN' button.
  • STEP 3 Scan the QR code
    using the camera
    on the app.


    You are successfully logged in when your card name is displayed on the darts machine.

To play more competitively Played enough with the Virtual Card?
Get a real DARTSLIVE Card!

  • check What is
    the DARTSLIVE Card?

    If you have a DARTSLIVE Card, you can log in simply by inserting the card into the card slot.
    A DARTSLIVE Card is required to participate in LEAGUE or TOURNAMENTS.

    • * A DARTSLIVE card refers to the physical plastic card.
  • check Get


    DARTSLIVE Cards are available for purchase in establishments with DARTSLIVE machines or on the internet.

  • check PREMIUM membership
    can make
    darts more fun.

    For PREMIUM Members


      Premium Members can find out their RATING right away. You no longer need to wait until the next day. The new app allows you to keep up with your latest RATING. Play data will be updated right after 01 or CRICKET game to make the match more exciting.
      DARTSLIVE will be more fun and exciting with this "Real-time" RATING system.

    • Extensive Play Data
      Extensive Play Data

      Play data is analyzed from a variety of angles and saved for a longer period of time.
      You can see your strengths and weaknesses easily, improve your darts skill, and enjoy the process.

    • Bonus Coin every month
      Bonus Coin every month

      Receive 300 Coins (Approx. JPY300 ) as monthly Bonus.
      With Coins, you can purchase DARTSLIVE THEMES and AWARD Movies to personalize your game screen or enjoy other contents such as EXTRA GAMES.

    You can enjoy all the features
    on the DARTSLIVE Card page
    for 30 days after signing up
    for the Virtual DARTSLIVE Card.

    • * QR codes are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
    • * Login to the darts machines by QR code uses the QR identification system of Mamoru PUSH.

If you really want to be a stronger darts player,
subscribe to the Premium Membership services!

Premium Membership Services

What you can do with PREMIUM Membership

  • ・Extensive Play Data
  • ・Bonus Coin every month

If you are signing up for the first time,
you may make use of all the features for the first 30 days.

*Bonus Coins for PREMIUM Members are not included.

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