SUPER DARTS × BLACK HOLE 2024 vol.2 ON SALE Thu 2 May, 6 pm !

The DARTSLIVE Player Goodies Lottery 'BLACK HOLE 2024 vol.2' will debut on 2nd May! This edition of BLACK HOLE is a special version.
In celebration of SUPER DARTS 2024, collaborations with past SUPER DARTS tournaments have become a reality!

Numerous iconic scenes from SUPER DARTS' inaugural year through 2018 have been made into DARTSLIVE-esque items.
Of course, classic DARTSLIVE themes are available, along with a lineup of confident creations such as acrylic stands featuring past SUPER DARTS posters and metal badges crafted using special metal art technology!

The standout prize is the Last Star prize's DARTSLIVE card and DARTSLIVE THEME (added to the card), both featuring the 2018 SUPER DARTS champion, 'Haruki Muramatsu.' The design of the DARTSLIVE card, with Muramatsu's silhouette floating amidst the smoke, makes it an irresistibly special DARTSLIVE card.

Take a moment to reflect on past SUPER DARTS while you eagerly await SUPER DARTS 2024!


A Prize: DARTS LIVE THEME featuring past SUPER DARTS iconic scenes (Total 30 kinds)

B Prize: Acrylic Stand featuring past SUPER DARTS posters (Total 10 kinds)

C Prize: Metal Badge featuring past SUPER DARTS CHAMPIONS (Total 10 kinds)

LAST STAR Prize: DARTSLIVE CARD & DARTSLIVE THEME (added to the card) featuring SUPER DARTS 2018 CHAMPION Haruki Muramatsu

Period From Thu 2 May, 2024 6 pm
*Until the lottery is sold out.
Price $15/pc
Available Shops 【Japan】
-Darts Hive shops
-S-DARTS shops
-TiTo shops
and more.

-S-DARTS TAIWAN Taipei store
-花鳥風月 shops
and more.

-iDarts X (Big Mac Centre)

*Please note that some shops are not listed here.
Please kindly contact your nearest darts shops or darts bars if they carry the lottery.

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