SUPER DARTS 2024 OFFICIAL GOODS - Venue Merchandise

Introducing the SUPER DARTS 2024 commemorative merchandise available for purchase at the venue!

The original-designed pail is packed with merch of various genres, from baseball jersey to acrylic stand!

The acrylic stand resembles a nostalgic 8cm Mini CD. It comes with a special function: when you press the button, it plays the main theme song of SUPER DARTS.
The backstage pass-like design satin sticker can be attached to fabric, so everyone can stick it on their clothes and have a matching look!
For the staple DARTSLIVE CARD, not only the SUPER DARTS logo design, but also the one with the special 'Phil Taylor' design (THEME added to the card), is included.

A special set packed with a total of five items.
We've created this venue merchandise with the hope that it will become one of the memories for everyone who visits SUPER DARTS 2024!
Please consider purchasing it on this occasion.

■Content (Total 5 Items)
・Gold baseball jersey
・DARTSLIVE CARD (Phil Taylor design) *THEME added to the card
・Backstage pass-like design satin sticker
・Acrylic stand resembling an 8cm Mini CD (with sound)

SUPER DARTS 2024 original-designed pail

One Pail: JPY 11,000 (Sales tax included)

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