How to Register for a DARTSLIVE Account
It's Simple and Easy to Start

To register for a new DARTSLIVE Account, you need to have an email address that can receive a registration confirmation email from DARTSLIVE.
Please note that you can register for a new DARTSLIVE Account even if you don’t have a DARTSLIVE Card.

How to Register for a New DARTSLIVE Account

It takes 1 simple step! Just enter your email address on the account registration page.
Click on the link and register for an account.

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How to Register for an Account Using a DARTSLIVE Card

  • STEP 1
    Download the DARTSLIVE app by scanning the QR code on the back of your DARTSLIVE Card.
  • STEP 2
    Select “Create Account.”
  • STEP 3
    Select “I have a card.”
  • STEP 4
    Register your DARTSLIVE Card in the account you created.
    • Select “Add Card” from the “Card management” in the Account Settings Menu. Enter the number on the back of your DARTSLIVE Card to complete the registration of your card and your play data will become available on the DARTSLIVE app. One DARTSLIVE Card can be registered per account for the Free Plan, and up to three DARTSLIVE Cards can be registered for the Premium and Premium+ Plans.

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Enjoy Member Service Functions After Registering for an Account

The first 30 days of new registration is a Trial Plan, which allows you to use various functions(*1.) of DARTSLIVE Membership Services. You only need to register for one DARTSLIVE Account to enjoy all our apps. The same account can be used for the DARTSLIVE app, DARTSLIVE Home app, and the DARTSLIVE SPORTS app.

  • *1
    Premium Plan functions will be available, but some functions will be limited.
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