See Your Ability With Your RATING

What is a RATING?

In darts, a RATING is a numerical value that indicates your ability. Just like a handicap in golf or a score in bowling, a RATING shows a level of darts ability.

A RATING gives you an idea of your current ability and helps you to set goals for your future darts progress. Once you join the DARTSLIVE Subscription Plan, you can easily check your RATING on your smartphone.

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Darts will become even more fun!
If you play darts, knowing your RATING makes darts even more fun!
When you know your RATING, you have many differernt ways to have fun.
You can compete with your darts friends, enjoy improving your own RATING, and more.

Classified into 18 Levels

A RATING is classified from level 1 to 18. As your darts ability increases, your rating goes up.
Your RATING is calculated from the values (STATS) of 01 GAMES and STANDARD CRICKET match records.
Each RATING is also grouped into a “FLIGHT,” which categorizes general skill alphabetically from C to SA.

1 0.0 ~ 0.00 ~ C
2 40.0 ~ 1.30 ~
3 45.0 ~ 1.50 ~
4 50.0 ~ 1.70 ~ CC
5 55.0 ~ 1.90 ~
6 60.0 ~ 2.10 ~ B
7 65.0 ~ 2.30 ~
8 70.0 ~ 2.50 ~ BB
9 75.0 ~ 2.70 ~
10 80.0 ~ 2.90 ~ A
11 85.0 ~ 3.10 ~
12 90.0 ~ 3.30 ~
13 95.0 ~ 3.50 ~ AA
14 102.0 ~ 3.75 ~
15 109.0 ~ 4.00 ~
16 116.0 ~ 4.25 ~ SA
17 123.0 ~ 4.50 ~
18 130.0 ~ 4.75 ~
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A shortcut to improvement is to know your RATING.
How good am I at darts? How good am I compared to others?
A RATING is a numerical value used to make these comparisons.
Quantification of your game results gives us a visualization of your darts ability. By setting your own target RATING, you will be motivated to play darts, which in turn will also help you to improve.

Check your own RATING

How to check your RATING on the DARTSLIVE app

Download the DARTSLIVE app

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Calculation of RATING

When you insert a DARTSLIVE Card into a DARTSLIVE machine and play (or log in with a virtual card), your play data is recorded and a RATING is calculated.

The RATING is calculated using our DARTSLIVE proprietary methods, including placing more weight on the most recent 30 games from which the RATING is calculated.

DARTSLIVE uses 80% STATS and your RATING is calculated based on those 80% STATS. Our entire services are based upon this RATING. This includes participation in tournaments and campaigns, the display on the darts screen, and the criteria for auto-handicapping.

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What are 80% STATS and 100% STATS?
STATS consists of 80% STATS and 100% STATS.
For 80% STATS, they are determined when 80% of the game has progressed.
On the other hand, for 100% STATS, the rating is determined at the end of a game.
The 80% system may be more friendly for beginners as STATS are determined before the game ends. Beginners often take a long time to finish a game. However 80% STATS does not reflect finishing data, so new darts players can play without any pressure.

Conditions for Calculating 80% STATS


STATS are decided when a player has scored 80% of the points from after the start of the game.

The criteria used to determine a RATING:
301 If the remaining score is below 60, BUST or a low score will not affect the RATING.
501 If the remaining score is below 100, BUST or a low score will not affect the RATING.
701 If the remaining score is below 140, BUST or a low score will not affect the RATING.
901 If the remaining score is below 180, a low score will not affect the RATING.
1101 If the remaining score is below 220, a low score will not affect the RATING.
1501 If the remaining score is below 300, a low score will not affect the RATING.


RATING is determined when a player opens six numbers.

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Learn more about 100% STATS

If you register for the Premium+ Plan, you can view the 100% RATING which is calculated based on 100% of your DARTSLIVE STATS.
Also, you can check the 1 Day (Daily) RATING which is calculated based on the day’s STATS only.

What you can do on the Premium+ Plan


FLIGHT levels are assigned according to a RATING.
FLIGHT levels are rated from C to SA and a RATING higher than A is generally considered to be an advanced level.


Stats is an average score per ROUND.

STATS for 01 GAMES Average score per ROUND
CRICKET STATS Average number of MARKS per ROUND

*Only reflect the results of the matches.

About 80% STATS and 100% STATS

DARTSLIVE uses 80% of STATS. Official RATINGS used for competitions are also based on 80% STATS.

However, as a service of the Premium+ Plan, there is a function available to check 100% STATS and the 100% RATING calculated based upon those stats.

01 GAMES STATS determined when the game is 80% complete.
CRICKET STATS determined when six numbers are opened.
100% STATS (for Premium+ Plan members only)
01 GAMES Determined at the end of a game.

Conditions for RATING and STATS to be Shown

How to Achieve a RATING

You must play 01 GAMES and STANDARD CRICKET versus an opponent at least ten times for your RATING to be calculated.

* RATING is updated once per day.

Requirements for STATS and RATING to be shown

In some cases, STATS/RATINGS may not be calculated or appear on the DARTSLIVE app.

Your STATS/RATING will be reflected if:
・You play an ONLINE MATCH
・You use the OUT OPTION
・You use a HANDICAP (Auto-Handicap, Manual Handicap).
・You play a game on your own
・You play versus a ROBO RIVAL
・You turn ON the “IN OPTION” and ‘BULL OPTION” settings in 01 GAMES.
・You use the BULL SEPARATE in 701 for the JAPAN MEDLEY.
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    Please understand that the DARTSLIVE Services offered may vary by Country and Region.

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