Electronic Dart Machine

You can play a game of dart by paying for credit by coin, paper bill or LiveCredit. Above machines are installed at dart bars, comic book cafes, arcade game centers, etc. The machine will automatically calculate the score, so it is easy to play! Results of the games will be saved online! You can check the scores on your smartphone or computer so it’s very convenient♪

Set of Darts

The darts come in a set of three. Electronic dart machines use soft tip darts that have a plastic tip.
You can use House Darts, which are provided by the store. Once you get used to the game, we recommend you to get your personalized dart sets so that you can throw them more comfortably to fit your personal preferences.

House Darts

House Darts

You can borrow them from the store. They are easy to handle. However, they tend to be light weighted, and are said to be unstable.

Personalized Dart sets

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Your own personal darts. There are variety of dart and they can be purchased at dart bars and dart shops. You can also buy them at online stores.

Click here for more details on dart items.Combine your favorite parts to personalize your darts to fit your needs!



If you insert this card into DARTSLIVE and play a game, your name will be displayed on the game screen, and you can record your game results. There are variety of card designs and they can be purchased at dart bars and dart shops. You can also buy them at online stores.

History of Dart

Roots of darts -Darts started as a game in which people threw arrows at wine barrels.-

According to one theory, during the Hundred Year War (14th to 15th Century), soldiers would play games throwing arrows at wine barrels, and this is thought to be the origin of dart. In the 19th century, the British devised a point distribution on the board, and that was the birth of the original version of the board. The game spread as a sport you could enjoy indoors, and after the second half of the 1970s, it developed into an international sport. In the 1980s, soft dart with its automatic score calculation function was born. Since then, dart have been divided into soft dart and hard dart. Currently, it is a deep and interesting sport not just for professional and advanced players. It can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or physical strength, and is played throughout the world.