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  • How to operate DARTSLIVE2

DARTSLIVE2 Operation Instructions

Change button (Red button)

When selecting the game

This is the select button. Press this button to select the game.

When playing

Press this button after the player has completed one round (three throws).
When this button is pressed, the game moves on to the next round or to the next player.

Start button (Yellow button)

The start button is the select button. Use these buttons to select the category or return to the main menu. (When selecting or returning, use any of the P1 to P4 buttons.)

After selecting the game you wish to play using the Change button, select the number of players by the start button and start the game.
(From left to right, select one to four players.)

Card slot

Insert your DARTSLIVE CARD here.

Operation procedures

1.Insert the DARTSLIVE CARD in the card slot.

Where to insert the DARTSLIVE CARD, CARD slot 1 to 4, will determine the order of the player's throw.

*For doubles, stack two cards of those playing in a pair and insert them into the same card slot.
*If you are not using the DARTSLIVE CARD, you can skip this step.

2.Select the category of the game you wish to play on the main menu screen.

Simple menu

This displays the games played most often, campaigns, and recommended games. Select from P1 to P4!
If you push the red button for 2 seconds (long press)…
the screen will shift to the full menu.

Full menu

In the full menu, you can choose from all the games available on DARTSLIVE2.
To select a category, use the red change button to move the cursor, and then press the yellow start button to select.

3.Select a game from the category you have chosen and add credit.


Required credit will be displayed.

4.Choose the number of players by pressing the yellow start button (P1 to P4) and start the game.

From left to right, 1P=1 player, 2P= 2 players, 3P= 3 players, and 4P= 4 players.

*For doubles, 1P= 2 players, 2P= 4 players, 3P=6 players, and 4P= 8 players.

Check the game rules

If you press the board while on the game selection screen, you can check the game rules as well as nationwide / storewide ranking and the results of the past games