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Name of each parts


The part that sticks into the board and is made of plastic. This part bends easily, so it’s always good to carry a spare!


This is seen as the most important part, which determines the center of gravity of the dart. Choose one focusing on the weight and how easy it is to grip.


This part is used to adjust the overall length and weight of the dart.


This is the wing part that stabilizes the dart in flight. Flights come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Which equipment should you choose?

Darts bars have house darts ready for you to use, but the weight and balance of these darts differ from place to place.
In order to stabilize your throw, we recommend that you get your own darts once you have gotten used to the game.
Darts equipment come in a variety of types and shapes, so you should actually practice a few rounds with the items when choosing. Choose the items that suit you or by the design you like.
Here we will provide a simple explanation of the different types available for each parts.


The part of the dart that you grip. It is the most important part that will be the center of balance on the dart. Be sure to take your time and choose one that suits you!
The barrels mainly come in two materials, Brass and tungsten. For beginners we recommend the comparatively lighter brass types! For most players who are medium level or higher, we recommend the tungsten dart.

Brass darts

Mainly made of brass, these barrels are lighter and less expensive.
Since the barrel is thick, it is easy to grip for people with large hands and beginners.
Many of these types of barrels have a center of gravity positioned towards the front, making it easy to throw in a nice parabolic line.
Therefore brass darts are recommended for beginners.

Tungsten darts

These barrels are made of nickel and tungsten alloy. They are stronger, thinner, and heavier than brass.
As you improve your darts skills, you will want to land multiple darts in a small area such as the BULL in order to gain more points. If the barrel is too thick, your dart will go out of the board. So it is better to choose the thinner tungsten darts over brass darts.


If the flight is large, there is more air resistance, and that makes it easier to throw the dart straight without using extra force, so we recommend larger flights for beginners.

Larger size

With larger flights, there is increased air resistance, so you can easily throw darts in a stable manner.
Recommended for beginners.

Smaller size

Smaller flights are good when you want a sharp throw or want to aim for the same points.
Recommended for medium level players and higher.

Special shape

Specially shaped flight, such as the heart shaped ones each have their special characteristics. The cute shapes are perfect for girls.
You should try these once you’ve gotten used to the game.


The longer the shaft is, the more stable the dart is, and you can throw the dart easily without extra force.
If the shaft is short, you can throw darts in a strong, sharp manner. The shaft is made of materials such as plastic and aluminum.

Medium type and long type

With longer shafts, you can easily hit where you aim without extra force. There are a variety of designs and color variations.

Short type and Extra short type

There are ones that are thick throughout, and ones that have a hole in the center to make them lighter. When attaching a shorter shaft, be sure to choose a smaller flight.


The tip is the part that sticks in the dart board. It is made of plastic. Expendable.
In order to reduce the weight, there are some designs with a hole. We recommend using different lengths and types!

Long size

Longer the tip, it is easier to hit the board. So, the longer tip is recommended for beginners. Using the long tip will make the distance from the barrel long, for this reason this type is also recommended for advanced players aiming to hit the same target.

Short size

Since it is lighter than long types, it does not significantly affect the overall weight of the dart. Additionally, since it has a higher resistance that the long type, it is stronger. If your tip is easily broken, you should try this type.